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Alarm (noun) 1. a device for giving a warning of danger

As an installer with over 20 years experience in the design and maintenance of security systems, Taurus Group can provide you with the satisfaction that your home, business or valuables are protected by a company that is committed to your security.
Taurus Group can provide maintenance, upgrades or repairs to any make of system and our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



CCTV (Taurus) 1. Immediate, intelligent and effective 24 hour Monitoring services

From single site, or multiple installations to large industrial projects, Taurus Group will provide a solution to your security concerns. We stay one step ahead, by continually pioneering progressive new concepts in security system design and implementation.

By challenging traditional methods and ideas, we are able to design turnkey security systems based on our up to date research into modern security methods. Using IT and security technologies, Taurus Group specialise in the design, installation, integration and remote monitoring of any IP based security and video surveillance equipment.

Our proven track record in public and private sector markets shows that our focus is entirely on the individual needs of our client. To protect the security risk at any given time, we use detailed research and analysis into security sensitive environments, both business and personal



Guard (transitive verb) 1. To protect somebody or something against danger or loss by being vigilant and taking defensive measures.

Our SIA Licensed officers have chosen guarding as a career and are fully trained to maintain our high standards whilst contributing to the future growth of the Taurus Group.
The smart appearance of our officers is well known in the industry and is designed to reflect the corporate image of our client. Some companies require specific shirt colours and corporate wording which we are happy to accommodate.
We are qualified to carry out duties on any types of site, including Factories, Building sites, Schools, Colleges, Gate house duties, Retail, Construction and all types of Premises.



Patrol (noun) 1. a regular tour made of a place in order to guard it or to maintain order

Mobile Patrols are an economical and effective way of guarding your facility. Officers visit your premises on a specified number of times each night and will check the perimeter of all buildings, testing doors and windows and looking for signs of break in. The duty officer will call our control centre on finding any breeches of security, or emergency situation such as fire or flood. Taurus will react efficiently to minimise any risk and to secure the premises for the client.



Response (noun) 1. Something done in reaction to something else

Alarm response and Key holding go hand in hand with our Mobile Patrol Division. Taurus would be the first to react to an alarm at your premises and would take on the roll of duty Key Holder. Senior executives can be assured that we will respond to all alarms and if designated as key holders, would enter the premises to remedy the situation.



Emergency (noun) 1. an unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with urgently

This aspect of our company provides an immediate cover as a result of alarm failures; break ins or absence of regular security arrangements. A phone call to our 24 hour control room will trigger the despatch of one of our trained officers who would be on site within the hour (if not sooner).