Mobile Patrols

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Individual or business properties are often a target for burglars, intruders or vandals but our mobile security patrols are an ideal and effective method for protecting your property from external issues.

Our mobile patrol units are tailored to suit your needs

Our staff are thoroughly trained

Our mobile security guards will provide a physical presence to deter unwanted intruders 

We offer an unrivalled range of security provisions at Taurus Security Group, including our mobile patrol services. Our mobile patrol units are tailored specifically to your needs, so if you need security when your premises is unsupervised at night or you are away on holiday, our service can be adapted specifically for you.






Whether our security patrols look after businesses, such as offices, parking lots, warehouses and construction sites, or your individual homes, our team will arrive onsite and conduct a thorough assessment of your premises, checking for any signs of vulnerability that could allow issues of vandalism, theft, damage, or squatting. Alongside this, all doors and windows will be locked and secured in order to avoid any unwanted issues whilst you are away and give you peace of mind that our patrols will keep the premises safe.

Our team are fully screened and given thorough training of the highest order whilst also being licensed under SIA regulations. Our mobile security guards will also provide a physical presence which will effectively deter any unwanted intruders.